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August 2016
General :
Indonesia’s economy was expected to grow by 5.5% this 2016 fiscal year when it was first published. However, it is reduced to 5.2% just a few weeks ago. The reasons are various but the most important factor is the price of some exporting commodities, mineral oils, etc. that makes the government income from taxes and the like is lower than planned.

To overcome the deficit the government just launched a law called “Tax Amnesty”. The main aims are returning back abroad “paper-investment” home, and a realistic capital statement from middle class up to wealthy society. The penalty varies from 0.5% to 8% depending on the amount, type, and time.
Health and Pharma issues :
A fraud arising from some vaccine counterfeit exploded by the end of June. Some 14 – 15 kinds of vaccine mostly imported ones were fake. The government through the Ministry of Health, the Police, and the BPOM (local FDA) has taken appropriate actions to overcome.

Indonesia has got a government owned pharmaceutical-company producing various kinds of vaccine and serum. The products are said to fulfill the local demand as well as exported to at least 130 foreign countries. Apparently, some people choose imported vaccines for their offspring.

A supply shortage of some infusion solutions is said to happen lately, due to the GMP surveillance audit taken recently to one of the leading manufacturers.
Law and Regulations :
A  BPOM (local FDA) regulation no. 17 / 2016 was issued and immediately enacted on 4th August 2016. This is to succeed regulation no. HK. on the criterion and route of drug registration.

In principle it announces the following routes of registration.
1. Route 7 days for drugs for export market only
2. Route 10 days for re-registration without change
3. Route 40 days for registration with minor variations that needs approval
4. Route 100 days for registration of new drug product and biological product indicated for serious diseases, orphan drug product; new generic product copy intended for community health, completed with supporting data as essential drug; new drug registration that the research and clinical studies performed solely in Indonesia; registration of a drug with new major indication / new posology; and other registration of drug with major variation
5. Route 150 days for registration of new drug and biological product that has been approved by a state with harmonized evaluation system; and registration of a new drug-copy
6. Route 300 days for registration of new product that is not part of route no. 4 or 5 above.

  ● Day = working day, 5 days in a week.
  Jakarta 31st August 2016.

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サンドロ イワント

サンドロ イワント

PT. Mirota KSM Inc. でセールスマネージャーとして、1985年まで乳児用調整粉乳に携わる。その後PT. Pfrimmer Infusol Indonesiaに入社し、生産部長として大量非経口投与剤及び少量非経口投与剤の製造に従事し、さらにPT. Triyasa Nagomas Farmaにて、生産部長として避妊用無菌ホルモン注射剤及び経口避妊薬の生産に携わる。1993年にRoche Indonesiaに入社し、2004年まで工場長として錠剤、経口液剤、半固形及び無菌抗腫瘍剤の製造に従事する。PT. Bayer Indonesiaで工場長としてOTC医薬品に携わり、退職後、数社の医薬品メーカーとフリーランスのコンサルタントとして従事し現在に至る。