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Chris Vickrey

Chris Vickrey

Chris Vickrey joined MSA in 2001. In 2003 he launched US Pharmaceutical Industry Weekly Report, a report in Japanese on developments in the US pharmaceutical industry. In 2004 he became president of the company. For MSA’s own publications and on behalf of clients, he has interviewed hundreds of biopharmaceutical executives, academic researchers, and government officials on issues ranging from business strategy to scientific discovery and public policy. He has BA/MA degrees in economics from Boston University and an MBA in finance from Columbia University. He is proficient in Japanese.

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Chris Vickrey's Articles List

  • 2016/09/15

    Other Biotech Matters

    Over the next twelve months, the gene therapy field will take a major step forward as new therapies are commercialized and used in broader patient populations.

  • 2016/06/08


    Why, despite steady scientific advancements and enormous technological progress in lab instruments and equipment, has the productivity of drug discovery in the pharmaceutical industry declined?

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