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Is Single-Use Equipment A Good Thing Or A Bad Thing?


Single-use equipment has a role in bioprocessing but you have to be very careful. There are five important questions (there may be more) to help decide when to use single-use equipment. First, you have to find out why you are looking at single-use equipment- what are you looking for? Are you having issues with the equipment you have now? Or are you wondering if you can save money? It is important to know why you are looking at single-use equipment. Second, you have to find out which single-use equipment is reliable. Then you have to find out which single-use suppliers are reliable. Then you have to find out what applications are appropriate for single-use equipment. Your next step is to find out what documentation is important. This article will give more details on each of these questions.

So why you are looking at single-use equipment- what are you looking for? Are you unhappy with your process equipment? Maybe you need to choose better process equipment but why are you choosing single-use equipment? Do you think single-use equipment will save you money? If you want to save money, single-use equipment might help; single-use equipment might not help. It is not single-use equipment that saves you money. It is the quality and operation of the process equipment. You have to look at the quality and the results quality will bring if you use quality equipment and the results if you do not use equipment with quality. Many people will show cost analysis between single-use equipment and stainless steel equipment. First, why does it have to be one or the other? Single-use equipment is not the answer to every problem. It could be the answer for some application but it depends on the equipment. Second, a cost analysis will be a waste if it does not give you an amount of money that it would cost if the equipment fails in any way. There is also a lot of vulnerability with some countries and new facilities in these countries. They appreciate the ideas of new facilities and companies look to make a small investment rather than a large investment. The question you should be asking- is any facility worthwhile, regardless of the cheaper price; if it does not produce medicines properly. No one asks this question. Why is that? Industry magazines and discussions often call single-use equipment cheaper. Most people have accepted this as the complete truth. They do not see that it is the application, the type of single-use equipment, and the supplier that will decide if you will save money with single-use equipment. In the drug industry, both with pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical drugs, price is never about a brand. It is about quality. Price is related to the many choices you make in bioprocess equipment. Even if you use high quality equipment; if you don't follow instructions with its use, you can compromise your whole process. Thinking about choosing single-use equipment for the right application, for the right reason- the quality it may bring to your process- This is a start.

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