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▼Website Terms of Service

In order to use the services (hereinafter called the “Service”) as provided on or through this Website namely “GMP Platform (https://www.gmp-platform.com/en/)” or “GMPP”, operated by CM Plus Corporation (hereinafter called “CM Plus”), you must carefully read the below terms of service (hereinafter called the “TOS”) and you may use the Service only when you agree to the TOS, provided however that the TOS shall be subject to changes without a prior notice.

1. Contents
1.1 Administration
CM Plus handles all the information provided as part of the Service (hereinafter called the "Content") and administers the Service with the utmost care and attention. Nonetheless, CM Plus shall not be liable for any matters caused for whatever reason such as:
 (1) Risks due to computer virus infection
 (2) Accuracy, recency and validity of the Content
 (3) Losses or damages caused by use of the Content
 (4) Losses or damages caused by unavailability of the Service
 (5) Losses or damages caused by suspension of the Service, and/or modifications or deletions to the Content which might be taken place without a prior notice.
1.2 Bylined Articles
The Service includes broadly bylined articles written by various experts of specialties without a prior adjustment or intended modification in order not to prejudice the author's view or thought in the article. Hence, the articles should in no event be construed as a reflection of the opinions of the Service or CM Plus.
2. Related Information
Other websites linked with the Service are merely given for your reference purpose, and are not operated or managed under the control of CM Plus. Please therefore access to them at your own risk complying with the relevant terms of service for the website if you opt to refer to such websites.
3. Copyright and Right to Use
Copyrights of the Content are vested in CM Plus and/or the respective author and protected under the copyright laws. The Content shall therefore in no way be used (reproduced, republished, modified, redistributed, translated into other languages, etc.) without a prior written permission by CM Plus, except for the use being limited to non-commercial and private purposes only.
4. Trademark
Trademarks, service marks, trade names, design, etc. appeared in the Content are protected by the Trademark Law, Unfair Competition Prevention Law and other applicable laws. Any infringement under any of such laws in the use of the Service shall be strictly prohibited.
5. Registration
You are required to be registered duly as a subscriber (hereinafter called a “Subscriber”) in order to read and/or download the Content.
When any of the following things was found or known to CM Plus, your Subscriber’s registration (hereinafter called the “Membership”) including application therefor should be rejected or disapproved. In such case, we shall not be obligated to disclose the reason for rejection or disapproval. 
(1) Any false entry in the application form for registration.
(2) Subscriber does not actually exist.
(3) Subscriber cannot be contacted at the e-mail address in the application 
(4) The e-mail address is not or very unlikely to be for Subscriber’s personal use 
(5) Any conduct offensive to the public order and morals or violate the TOS
(6) Any conduct of deceit, violence or threat against CM Plus directly or through a third party.
(7) Implication that the Subscriber or its acquaintance is related to antisocial forces.
(8) Any conduct with a damage to the honor/credit of CM Plus directly or through a third party.
(9) Any conduct with an obstruction of CM Plus business directly or through a third party.
(10) Any other things considered to be inappropriate at the sole discretion of CM Plus
6. Management of Personal Information
Personal information obtained in the course of registration or through the Service will be properly handled in accordance with the "Privacy Policy" as set up separately.
As and when the information registered has been changed such as the name or e-mail address etc., Subscriber shall make changes promptly on the registration format, which may take a certain lead time to become effective due to an internal administrative process. In no event, CM Plus shall be liable for any damages to Subscriber that might be caused due to absence or delay of change effectuation in the Subscription or the use of the Service.
7. Comment Function
In the Service, a comment function will be available for you to post your comment concerning the Content, and/or express your opinion toward the comments of other Subscribers (hereinafter called collectively “Comments” and individually a “Comment”). CM Plus shall reserve the right to reject or delete a Comment entirely or partly at its sole discretion if CM Plus considered that it should come under any of the following cases, where CM Plus shall have no obligation to disclose the reason for such rejection or deletion: 
(1) infringement on the copyright, trademark, privacy rights, portrait rights or other rights pertaining to the Service or third parties.
(2) attempt to libel, discredit or defamation of the Service or third parties.
(3) violation, expressed or implied, of laws, regulations, ordinances, etc.
(4) considered by CM Plus to be offensive to the public order and morals or possible to cause a mental distress to third parties
(5) looks intended for advertising having least relation to the Content or the Service
(6) obstruction of the Service including likely cases
(7) inclusion of false or untrue information
(8) messages considered by CM Plus to be inappropriate for the content or procedure.
8. Recommended IT Environment
It is recommended that the Service should be used under the following IT environment, as
the Service may not be displayed properly under a different IT environment or browser settings.
■Recommended browser (Internet browsing software)
・Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0 or later
・Google Chrome latest version
・Mozilla Firefox latest version
Mac OS
・Safari latest version
・Mozilla Firefox latest version
・Google Chrome latest version
Part of the Content uses JavaScript.
If JavaScript function is disabled in your browser, the Content may not be displayed properly.
In order to use proper, please enable JavaScript in your browser's settings.
■Use of "Cookie"
CM Plus may use “Cookie” to provide you with better services. “Cookie” does not harm due preservation of PI or your interest.
9. Collection of Access Log
In order to provide better service, we are collecting information about access to the Service by using Google Analytics/Universal Analytics. About collection method and use of the collected information, please refer to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of Google.
(Google Analytics:https://marketingplatform.google.com/about/analytics/


Established July 4, 2011
Revised 30 March 2012
Revised 9 September 2013
Revised 3 August 2015
Revised 10 July 2019

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