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What is GMP Platform?

About GMP Platform

Integrating the best knowledge to solve our clients' problems

GMP Platform offers education and consulting services pertaining to GMP with the purpose of improving quality management and assurance at production facilities. To this end, we integrate the knowledge of leading consultants in Japan to offer truly valuable one-stop solutions for our clients.

GMP Platform's education and consultation services are provided by a roster of knowledgeable consultants, each of whom has specialist expertise to deal with specific issues. The business side is run by its operating company, CM Plus Corporation.

We are now preparing to set up a virtual forum on our website, where those who work on the front line of production operations can freely exchange views and share information with our top consultants. We are also planning to post a variety of information that has a bearing on GMP.

GMP Platform's mission is to deliver smart solutions to GMP-related problems by integrating the information, know-how, and intellect of our clients and leading consultants.

By combining our real-world GMP education and consultation services with web-based virtual services to share, present, and accumulate GMP-related information, we firmly support our clients' efforts to maintain and improve the quality of their GMP operations.

You can be sure that our services will continue to grow.

Our logo renders the letters G-M-P as the infinity symbol.

Message from the General Manager

"Would you feel comfortable seeing a pharmaceutical product you helped manufacture administered to your loved ones?"

In principle, anyone involved in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products should be able to say "Yes" to the above question with confidence. However, in practice they can only do so when everyone involved in production is properly educated about GMP (good manufacturing practice) requirements. GMP Platform offers exactly that kind of education and training to all personnel involved in production (manufacturing, technical development, quality control and assurance, facility management, etc.), including both managers and operators. As each production facility has its own sets of problems, GMP Platform offers education programs that are tailored to the client's particular needs. Call us now to find out more about how we can satisfy your GMP education needs. GMP education is only one of the many services we offer. GMP Platform seeks to be an open platform for all, where some of the best brains in Japan team up to offer one-stop solutions to any GMP-related problems. We invite you to join this platform and share the benefits that our services can offer.

Akio Nakao

"Akio Nakao, D.Sc.
General Manager, GMP Platform"

"Executive vice-president, CM Plus Corporation General Manager, GMP Platform
Nakao started his career in 1976 at Tanabe Seiyaku Co., Ltd. After carrying out research in synthetic organic chemistry and process chemistry (industrialization) at the company, he successively took the positions of quality assurance manager, director and general manager of production, and managing director in charge of management planning. After Tanabe merged with Mitsubishi to become Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation, Nakao became Managing Executive Officer and Chief Director of Medicine Manufacturing.
Through his experience in dealing with FDA inspections and activities at the Parenteral Drug Association (PDA), Nakao became convinced that GMP is an ""exact science."" Finding that his beliefs were reflected in CM Plus Corporation's enthusiasm for improving GMP education, Nakao join CM Plus in 2011 as a Director and be promoted as executive vice-president in 2012."

Operating Company

Company CM Plus Corporation
Head office Minatomirai Grand Central Tower 6F
4-6-2, Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama 220-0012, Japan
TEL : +81 45 222-8710
FAX : +81 45 222-87
Home Page http://cm-plus.co.jp/en/
Founded August 17, 2007
Capital 66 million yen
Executive officers
Tsunehiro Togashi
Chairman & CEO
Tetsuo Fujioka
President & COO
Akio Nakao
Executive vice president
Susumu Machida
Senior Vice president
Shigeru Nakamura
Vice President
Satoshi Suekane
Vice President
Syunichi Hirashima
Vice President
Areas of business
Client-focused professional management services--including consultation, project management, engineering management, construction management, and facility management for projects involving planning, design, construction, and operations/maintenance of industrial facilities
Licenses and registrations First-class registered architect's office
(Registered with Governor of Kanagawa: No. 15595) Special Construction Business License
(Toku 23, No. 76943)
Notification to conduct specific staff dispatch business
(Toku 14, No. 304555)
Affiliation Construction Management Association of Japan
ISPE(International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineering)
Subsidiary Company
CM Plus Singapore Pte.Ltd.
Chairman & CEO Tsunehiro Togashi
Managing Director & COO Shigehiro Tahara
Subsidiary Company
CM Plus Vietnam Co.,Ltd.
Chairman & CEO Tsunehiro Togashi
General Director & COO Shigehiro Tahara
Liaison Office
Branch Office
Jakarta Representative Office

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